Pimeästä (From Darkness)

Music to a documentary film by Hannamari Shakya. Film tells the stories of six sexually harassed women. 2018. 

The Audition

Music to a theatre play by Kenneth Robbins.

Premiered in London, UK in 2018.


Poetry video

Premiered at Hyvinkää Art Museum in Finland, 2017.

Maa 2

Poetry video.

1st price in Close and Far - poetry competition, 2016


Poetry video.

Premiered at Hyvinkää Art Museum in Finland, 2017.

Pure Waste

Process from 100% recycled textile waste to ready made garments. 2015

Mafka & Alakoski

Introduction to the work of two famous glass blowing artists Mafka & Alakoski. 2015


A documentary about an Iranin Kurdish man, Hemen Rohmi, who fled persecution by the Iranian government. Part of "Me and the Refugee" -documentary initiative, 2016.  
Directed by Janne Laiho

The Work of an Artist

The documentary film by Janne Laiho examines the motives behind making art, and the everyday challenges artists face. The work of an artist is demanding, yet some people choose this path. Is art borne out of an inner necessity? 2014

About Forming a Family

A Janne Laiho documentary film about family formation in Finland, Taiwan and India. 2015