Max plays Carbon-Klang electric cello

I'm extremely happy to finally have a great electric cello. Carbon-Klang is a German company with 20 years of experience in making carbon fibre instruments. When they introduced the idea of the new cello I was immediately interested. Carbon as…

Max endorsed by RME Audio

" I've been using RME audio interfaces in my studio for many years and always been extremely satisfied to the sound and functionality. Now I'm taking the new Babyface Pro on stage to be the I/O for my digital set…

Music for Pure Waste video

Pure Waste Textiles make ecologically sustainable and premium quality 100% recycled fabrics and yarns.

The video introduces their process from 100% recycled textile waste to ready made garments


Max @ Tarja’s Ave Maria Christmas Tour 2015

Max joins Tarja Turunen’s Ave Maria Christmas Tour 2015. The tour runs in Europe in December 2015.

Beside playing the cello Max has also arranged the music for the concerts.

The concert dates are:

03.12 Olomouc, Czech Republic


Buko Boyz Premiere

One of Max’s new projects Buko Boyz premieres in the notorious Helsinki Word Festival on Friday 13th of November 2015.

What would a live poetry festival be without a badass smattering of Charles Bukowski?

One of the most…


A new music video - Revelation

Revelation is a music video that combines the music by Max with the visuals by Janne Laiho. The vision was to create a synergy between music and cinematography where both elements strongly influence the other. The result is a piece…