Max Lilja - the future of the cello - 

from inventing cello rock to a rebirth as a visionary solo artist


 ”On stage we see a stylish tall figure with a gorgeous shiny black electric cello focused on creating sounds that are like distant whispers of the ancient acoustic instrument from late 1600, this ambient feeling carries us deep into our imaginations. Suddenly the fragile sound image is destroyed, the pounding beats start shaking the room, Max is dancing and playing, modern sounds fill the space, the party is starting!” 


 Max Lilja, Finnish cellist, composer and producer, one of the founders of the million selling genre defining cello rock band Apocalyptica, a band that in the 90’s changed the dusty image of the old instrument to an up to date musical tool cool for modern kids, is now on a new mission as a solo artist with the visionary cello electro. Combining his classical background and virtuosity with the urge to find unbeaten paths to celebrate his musical talent he’s raising the bar for modern instrumentalism. The cello has changed again. 


 ”My sole inspiration for making music is my love to experience and express emotions trough this forever evolving universal language. I’m interested in combining different worlds and creating electronic music with cello gives it a very specific human touch and forces me to find new ways to create new unique sounds. Fragility and strength with presence of freshness often makes music and art stand out and appear especially interesting.”